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ARC Authority
          Per the Arbor Hill Homeowners Association’s (AHHA) “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions” (CC&R), the Architectural Review                  Committee (ARC) is authorized to define and interpret written standards, policies, guidelines, interpretations, official procedures, or other                            published rules governing the neighborhood, subject to first being formally approved by a majority vote of the Board (see Section 5.04, as                            amended March 2010).  The AHHA Board may also independently create standards, policies, guidelines, interpretations, official procedures, or                    published rules governing the neighborhood, including rules directly applicable to the ARC. The current version of AHHA's rules most applicable to              the ARC can be accessed from this webpage.  If you have any questions about any of the Arbor Hill rules, standards, policies, etc., please contact           Arbor Hill's Management Company.    
ARC Committee Members
Arbor Hill Architectural Review Committee (ARC) members are formally appointed each year by the Arbor Hill Board of Directors within one month of the Annual Meeting.  In addition, the ARC composition may be modified by the Board in the interim if necessary.  The number of ARC members at any point in time is also defined by the Board of Directors, but it must be three to seven members and is always an odd number to ensure ARC votes are not tied.  Also, at least one of those ARC members must also be a Board member formally appointed by the Board to serve as the official Board liaison to this committee.  The Board liaison on the ARC is responsible for keeping the Arbor Hill Board of Directors apprised of the ARC's activities using whatever reporting methodologies the Board defines, and is responsible for alerting the Board of any unusual or exceptional disputes with which they are dealing.  
If you would like to serve on the ARC, please email the President of the Arbor Hill Board to express your interest. 
ARC Review Requests
Unless there is currently a written AHHA covenant, standard, guideline, procedure, or other published rule on the AHHA website which specifically permits an exterior change to be made without pre-approval from the ARC, you should assume that advance approval by the ARC is required for a change to the exterior of the Dwelling or to any visible portion of the Lot (including, but not limited to, fencing, changes in paint color, lighting, playground fixtures, awnings, and landscaping).
If you have any questions about the ARC approval requirements, please contact Arbor Hill's Management Company.
Misc  Guidelines