Welcome to Arbor Hill
Monday, March 20, 2023
- much more than a neighborhood, we are a community!


Some of the webpages on this website are public and can be accessed without logging in.  However, others are private webpages for members only, and require you to be a registered member with an official login user name & password to access them.  To be a registered member, you must be a current Arbor Hill resident or property owner of a home in the Arbor Hill neighborhood (or an employee of Arbor Hill’s Management Company). 

New to the neighborhood?  

Welcome to Arbor Hill!  To receive Member access on our website, first you will need to submit an Arbor Hill Resident Registration Form; then you will need to create a new login using the Sign Up link on the homepage (top of left column).  Upon review of your AH Resident Registration Form, the web administrator will be allowed to give you Member privileges to the website.  You will be notified by email when your login status has been changed to Member.
If you are a non-resident property owner, you will need to contact the Association's management company (online contact form) regarding legally establishing a relationship with the Association.

Having trouble logging in?


a. The User Name is normally your email address or the email address of someone in your household whose login you are sharing.  For example, if that email address was myfriend@gmail.com, then your User Name for logging into this website would be “myfriend@gmail.com”.  The User Name is not case sensitive.  One household can have more than one registered login User Name if they have separately registered members of their household for website access.  With this information try it again.

If you do not remember the email address you previously registered, first try the ones you believe it might be.  If they do not work, then click here to >email the Site Administrators<, and they can send you the registered email address for your street address. Be sure to include in this request email, your full name, Arbor Hill street address, & a contact phone number.

b. If you have the correct User Name but you are having trouble with the Password (note that the password is not case sensitive), or if you have forgotten your Password, use the link "Forgot Password" under the page heading on the Log In page.  Your password will be emailed to the previously-registered email address within minutes.  

If you do not receive the Password email within 24 hours, it is probably because the system currently does not have the submitted email address on file; and in that case, you will need to start over with the login registration process.

Private Member Pages

You are only entitled to access the private Member Pages if you are a resident of a home in Arbor Hill, an owner of property in Arbor Hill, or an applicable employee of Arbor Hill’s Management Company.  If you qualify under one of these categories, and if you have never logged into this website before or if you wish to register another email address, you must first register the login User Name & Password.  Go to the Homepage, then select “SignUp" from the “LogIn/SignUp” link on the homepage menu bar. 

Complete the applicable portions of the Signup Form.    Only the following fields of this generic form are required for purposes of the Arbor Hill website.  Do not complete the other fields.

     Login Information tab:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name

     Contact Information tab:

  • Home Phone (this is the phone number we will use to contact you if we have any questions regarding this registration application; it can be cellphone number or a landline number)

     Address tab:

  • Street Address (this must always be your Arbor Hill street address, not a PO Box & not another mailing address)
  • City (for purposes of the Arbor Hill website, this must always be “Hoover”)
  • State (for purposes of the Arbor Hill website, this must always be “Alabama”
  • Postal Code (for purposes of the Arbor Hill website, this must always be “35244”)

Do not complete the other fields on the online Signup Form.  We take no responsibility for confidentiality of information you fill in on the non-required fields. 


Once the Site Administrators have completed your registration process, they will send an email to your submitted email address notifying you when you can login to view the private Member Pages.   Because they must first validate your membership with the official Arbor Hill Homeowner Association records, this process can take about two business days.


If you are still having trouble logging in after trying the above instructions, then click here to >email the Site Administrators< and explain the login problems you are having.  Be sure to include in this request email:  your full name, your Arbor Hill street address, & a contact phone number.